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Senin, 21 April 2014

Why Businesses Should Consider Commercial Property In Norfolk

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It can be the biggest headache for business owners when choosing commercial property in Norfolk; accessibility vs price. Leasing or buying commercial property in Norfolk, Norwich, or in its suburbs can be an attractive thought. Especially in relation to cities such as, London, Manchester or Birmingham, the prices of Norfolk commercial property is relatively cheap. Agencies and property owners know that businesses want to get their facilities as close to their retail space, clients and the major travel routes as possible. In this article we will take a look at the kind of things business owners need to think about when purchasing a commercial property.

Locating property further afield from the industrials hubs of London and Manchester may be seen as an unattractive proposition due to the increased costs of travel. However , with the cost of industrial property has high as it is in the UK's major cities, companies are increasingly looking to find cheaper commercial properties further afield.

Competitive Prices
As a business owner you will be constantly scanning the internet and brochures to find an affordable commercial property. This is one of the selling points of Norfolk commercial property, in the sense thats is relatively cheap, with a host of large industrial units at affordable rates. Although it may not be the cheapest in the country, it certainly is in southern England.

The great thing about Norfolk is that is highly accessible, located just two hours from London, and an hour from Cambridge, Norfolk commercial property is starting to look a great proposition. Very close to the south and easily accessible via to the centre and north of the country, having a business HQ in Norfolk is a very wise decision.

Norfolk's capital, Norwich has it's very own airport. With hundreds of internal and international flights a week this is a great place to base your business. If you have customers around the world or you require shipping your goods via air travel this is a great way of cutting costs by living nearby to the airport. Consider this as your gateway to the world!

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